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Slate Roofing Installation and repairs


At Haywoods Bespoke Roofing  we have over 15 years experience repairing, maintaining, and installing Slate Roofs.

We consider slate the best material to use when having a new roof fitted to your property. A slate pitched roof is very long lasting due to the complex materials within slate. The type of slate used on your property may vary dependant where in Lancashire you’re based.

The main reason that slate is a perfect material for a pitched roof is due to its low water absorption rate and its incredible durability. Slate has outstanding durability often lasting over 100 years with very little maintenance and is also resistant to frost & fire as well as being highly energy efficient.

If you do see damage to your roof or notice any potential leaks in your roof it is very important to ensure that the issues are resolved quickly to avoid further costly repairs. A broken slate can quickly lead to increased moisture in your property ( especially in older properties ).

A major factor that can cause slate roof tiles to slip is the use of incorrect materials when the roof was fitted. The use of poor quality nails can mean that the nails corrode much faster than high-quality materials, causing slates to slip through adverse weather, high winds and vibrations.

Our team can help your repair, maintain or replace your home or businesses pitched slate roof.

Whats Involved ?

  • Scaffolding erected in line with health and safety

  • -Existing roofing material removed (tile/slate etc), which can be sorted and kept for reuse if appropriate

  • -Old battens removed and discarded

  • -New breathable felt is then laid over the roof joists

  • -New tanalised battens fixed into place

  • -The slates are then reinstated

  • -All the leadwork is replaced.

  • -Finally, the ridge & hip tiles are re-secured as original.

  • -Your property will remain watertight throughout and there is as little disruption as possible

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