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Tiled Roof installation & repairs


Tiled roofs are becoming more common across the UK with many older slate roofs being replaced with tiles. There are many different variants of tiles that you can choose from dependant on materials, size, colour and texture.

The tiles can be made from either clay or concrete, each with their own benefits and restrictions.

Clay tiles are the traditional type of tile and were previously made mostly by hand. With the advance of technology clay tiles are mainly machine made with a wide range of style and colours. They can be made flat or made so that the interlock with the adjoining tiles.

Concrete roof tiles are relatively low maintenance, they are very tough and difficult to damage and if fitted correctly your tiled roof can last for decades.

Many modern new builds are choosing tiled pitched roofs over slate roofs due to the wide range of styling and colours available.

Haywoods Bespoke Roofing offer repairs, maintenance and the installation of new tiled roofs throughout Lancashire.

Your properties roof may be leaking or you may be looking to have a new roof fitted. Get in touch with us to arrange a FREE NO OBLIGATION quote for tiled roof installation, tiled roof repairs & maintenance.

We offer a range of roofing services through Lancashire

If you would like a free quotation for your roof installation, roof repairs & maintenance then please call us on:     07437421163

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